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PET91 No.4 Dog Cage (35.6 Inches)

durable metal construction


Pet Cage Dimensions: 35.6′′*24′′*27.6′′ (L*W*H)

Because of the love and care you put into keeping your pets happy, healthy, and clean, PET91 offers the greatest pet accessories for your devoted animals.


This dog cage is perfect for both puppies and older dogs. When choosing a cage, make sure that it can comfortably fit your adult dog or your puppy’s size when it is completely grown.


PET91 offers you a dog cage that is simpler for your pet to enter and preserves everything inside informed while cleaning or checking the bedding.


The cage is made of strong metal-wire material for durability and unmatched ventilation and visibility.


1 review for Cages For Dogs
  1. prabh rajput

    Best Dog Cage with good quality.

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